Haikou: tropical marine climate

Haikou is located on the South Bank of the Qiongzhou Strait and the north end of Hainan Island. It is in the tropical northern margin of the low latitude and belongs to the tropical marine climate. The annual average temperature in Haikou is 24. The tropical environment and landscape. It is warm and dry in spring, high temperature and rain in summer, many storms in autumn, cold in winter but cold in cold air flow. sea The average temperature in mouth 33 has risen to more than 20 C, and there is not much rainfall and warmth and comfort. In 4-10 months, the temperature in Haikou has maintained a high level, and the monthly average temperature is all in. Above 25 degrees centigrade, but the extreme maximum temperature is not high, not more than 39 degrees C. It's not cold here in winter. The average monthly temperature of 12-2 months is around 18 degrees centigrade, only in the strong cold. Air intrusion can reduce the minimum temperature to about 5 degrees centigrade, causing damage to tropical crops. 4-10 months of each year are tropical storms and typhoons, with an active season of 8-9 months. For the most. The 5-10 month is the rainy season, the 99 month is the peak of rainfall, and the monthly average rainfall is nearly 250

Urban rainwater environment and water resources

A new type of rainwater integrated system in sponge City

The significance of the sponge City

Sponge city means strengthening the management of urban planning and construction, giving full play to the rainwater absorption, infiltration and slow release of buildings, roads, green spaces and water systems. Effect, effective control of rainwater runoff, the realization of natural accumulation, natural infiltration, natural purification. The State Council put forward the following suggestions: through sponge city construction, we should take "infiltration, stagnation", "storage", "net", "discharge" and other measures to minimize the urban development and construction. The impact on the ecological environment. We should adhere to the ecological basis and realize the natural circulation. Give full play to the active accumulation of the original landform and landform, such as Shanshui, Lin Tian lake, and so on, to give full play to the vegetation and soil In order to realize the natural circulation of the city water, the natural underlying cushion will make full use of the natural effects of the wetland, water and water on the water quality.

Urban rainwater environment and water resources

Urban rainwater environment and water resources

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