Intelligent weak electric integrated system

Hainan Mingyuan Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. specializes in the integrated system engineering of weak electricity, network system integration and integrated wiring system engineering, computer room data communication equipment System engineering, industrial automation, PLC control system design and integrated integrated installation engineering; specialized in industrial network gateway technology development, industry and building Science and technology integrated intelligent management equipment system design, construction, scientific research, consulting.

About us

Hainan Mingyuan Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. (referred to as Mingyuan construction) was founded in March 2005,Mingyuan construction for many years, specializing in three-dimensional building information technology development experience,Professional consulting design,BIM architectural information model (Building Information Modeling) technology applications,For facilities (construction projects), the physical and functional characteristics of digital information are expressed,The cloud information is built by simulating the real information of buildings,For construction projects from construction to demolition throughout the life cycle, all planning and design, engineering construction management, operation and maintenance management at all stages of the provision of the whole process of technical services,In each stage of construction project, the whole process of efficient and scientific decision-making to provide technical solutions to our customers.n-lli.com

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