General contract for mechanical and electrical engineering construction

Hainan Ming Yuan Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. has the qualification of mechanical and electrical engineering construction general contracting, specialized in the installation of central air conditioning, ice storage refrigeration system engineering, The system engineering of constant temperature and constant humidity purification system, the installation of hydroelectric power, and the system engineering of energy power station and air compressor unit, mainly engaged in BIM model information technology The whole process of mechanical and electrical engineering general contracting management is provided, including consulting design, non-standard equipment technology research and development, development and application, processing, fabrication and installation, and system integration pin. The comprehensive ability to sell.

Policy and regulatory basis

In October 2008, the State Council specially promulgated the special regulations of the regulations on energy saving for civil buildings. It promotes the legal system of building energy saving. All localities have actively formulated the administrative law of building energy conservation in the region According to the regulations, the "renewable energy law" and "energy conservation law" were formed as the upper law, and the civil construction was built. Building energy saving regulations is a special law and regulation, and the local laws and regulations are the supporting system of building energy conservation laws and regulations.

Low carbon economy is a economic mode based on low energy consumption, low emission and low pollution. It is another form of human society after primitive civilization, agricultural civilization and industrial civilization. Great progress. The essence of this is to improve the efficiency of energy utilization and to create a clean energy structure, and the core is the transformation of technological innovation, system innovation and development view. The development of low carbon economy is A global revolution involving production patterns, lifestyles, values and national rights and interests.

"Green building evaluation criteria" GB50378-2014
"Low-carbon pilot community construction guide" the change of climate,

The national development and Reform Commission issued in April 2015 2015 "circular economy promotion plan" / >
The Ministry of Finance issued in June 2015 "to promote the use of funds to co-ordinate fiscal plan":
November 2015 issued by the Ministry of housing "ultra low power passive green building technical guidelines (Trial) (residential buildings)" / >
From the "Kyoto Protocol" the United Nations Framework Convention on climate change to the "Paris agreement": China become the Global Climate Governance leader

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Hainan Mingyuan Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. (referred to as Mingyuan construction) was founded in March 2005,Mingyuan construction for many years, specializing in three-dimensional building information technology development experience,Professional consulting design,BIM architectural information model (Building Information Modeling) technology applications,For facilities (construction projects), the physical and functional characteristics of digital information are expressed,The cloud information is built by simulating the real information of buildings,For construction projects from construction to demolition throughout the life cycle, all planning and design, engineering construction management, operation and maintenance management at all stages of the provision of the whole process of technical services,In each stage of construction project, the whole process of efficient and scientific decision-making to provide technical solutions to our customers.n-lli.com

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