General contract for Construction Engineering

Hainan Mingyuan Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. has the qualification of building construction general contract, and undertake construction projects from consulting, design, procurement, construction to trial operation. Process or phased EPC engineering general contracting and project management, undertake architectural engineering, indoor and outdoor decoration and decoration engineering, customized integrated decoration and furniture engineering, assembly. Industrial production technology research, application and development, technical consultation, engineering design, equipment manufacturing, construction and installation, and engineering integrated project management.

Industrial technology and installation of assembly building

PC assembly building industrial products
Better quality
Green building industrial production, product error is small, to achieve millimeter precision; the whole process BIM simulation, standardized operation, more efficient; whether it is civil or installed. The quality of the product is not affected by the technical level of the workers, at the same time, the fire and earthquake resistance, the elimination of cracking, the seepage prevention and leakage, the heat preservation and noise reduction. The quality is more secure.
Faster speed
The 36 construction team can operate two buildings at the same time, in the process of running water, on the other side of the mold, on the other side of the reinforcement, the reinforcement and filling the template, pouring coagulation. Soil. So a group of 36 people can do two buildings at the same time. The efficiency of one year can be close to the construction area of 60 thousand square meters of construction area, and the per capita annual output value can reach 1 million 500 thousand left. Right. Integrated decoration, greatly shorten the construction cycle, with the main body, to avoid two pollution and waste.
The cost is more controllable
The cost of Jianan is flat with the tradition, the cost of quick financing is low, the cost of the project management is greatly reduced, and there are no two disputes in the operation contract.
Green energy saving and environmental protection
80%, water-saving dry construction, no wet work
Energy saving 70% - from production, construction and use process, the comprehensive energy consumption greatly reduced
Day 70% - just a traditional construction cycle

About us

Hainan Mingyuan Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. (referred to as Mingyuan construction) was founded in March 2005,Mingyuan construction for many years, specializing in three-dimensional building information technology development experience,Professional consulting design,BIM architectural information model (Building Information Modeling) technology applications,For facilities (construction projects), the physical and functional characteristics of digital information are expressed,The cloud information is built by simulating the real information of buildings,For construction projects from construction to demolition throughout the life cycle, all planning and design, engineering construction management, operation and maintenance management at all stages of the provision of the whole process of technical services,In each stage of construction project, the whole process of efficient and scientific decision-making to provide technical solutions to our customers.n-lli.com

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