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We have many years of professional experience in the development of three-dimensional architecture information technology, with professional consulting design, BIM+ architecture information model (Building Information) Modeling) technology application, for the digital information expression of facilities (construction projects) physical and functional characteristics, and by simulating the real information of buildings, we build cloud technology. Provide full process support for all phases of construction projects, from construction to demolition, in all stages of planning and design, construction management, operation and maintenance management. Service, the whole process of providing efficient and scientific and innovative technical decision - making solutions for customers at all stages of the construction project.
We are committed to the development of science and technology innovation, focus on Internet plus new technologies and new products, new technology, new material technology consulting, research and development, promotion and application.

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We are always committed to the construction of low carbon environmental protection, the concept of green advance, the core of scientific and technological innovation, and to promote the new development for the overall improvement of the core competitiveness. We have talent and service Based on business, technology and new developing business ideas, we provide efficient, economic and scientific innovation for all stages of social facilities construction from construction to demolition. The whole process of decision - making solutions, providing high quality products and super - value services, and creating value. The rule of being a good corporate citizen is a very simple profit, a stick The profit of the profit, the difference and the cooperation and innovation of the moral standards has always persisted in making contributions to the society.

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Hainan Mingyuan Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. (referred to as Mingyuan construction) was founded in March 2005,Mingyuan construction for many years, specializing in three-dimensional building information technology development experience,Professional consulting design,BIM architectural information model (Building Information Modeling) technology applications,For facilities (construction projects), the physical and functional characteristics of digital information are expressed,The cloud information is built by simulating the real information of buildings,For construction projects from construction to demolition throughout the life cycle, all planning and design, engineering construction management, operation and maintenance management at all stages of the provision of the whole process of technical services,In each stage of construction project, the whole process of efficient and scientific decision-making to provide technical solutions to our customers.n-lli.com

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