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Hainan Mingyuan Environmental Engineering Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as mindtop environment) was founded in early 2005, the company's main scope: Environmental Engineering, environmental engineering, infrastructure engineering, mechanical and electrical equipment installation, hydropower installation engineering, refrigeration complete equipment installation engineering, building automation control, sewage treatment engineering, solar energy science and technology.

For many years engaged in the construction of information technology development experience building information model (Building Information BIM- Modeling), for the facilities (projects) expression of physical and functional characteristics of digital information; for the sharing of knowledge resources, sharing information about the facilities, for the facilities from construction to demolition of all decisions in the whole life cycle and provide a reliable basis for; at different stages of the project, the different stakeholders in the BIM through extraction, insert, update and modify information, to support collaborative work and reflect their respective responsibilities. This shared culture is based on a group of core values: integrity, respect, collaboration, innovation, and win-win.

For many years, the standardized market operation has been recognized by many users, and the company is steadily developing and expanding. Business brand: SIEMENS, Carrier, United Technologies - Ingersoll Rand, Trane air conditioning, general industry, Emerson, HUAWEI,  domestic Boda and other well-known brands of equipment products. There are a large number of users in the fields of government, electricity, telecommunications, aviation and other fields.

The company will realize the integration of green energy saving buildings and enhance core competitiveness to promote development with low carbon and environmental protection, green first idea and technological innovation core. The sales and engineering service network spreads all over the province, and it provides users with convenient and considerate service at any time and anywhere, with professional product technology, excellent product performance, super matching capability and excellent core technology team.

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Hainan Mingyuan Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. (referred to as Mingyuan construction) was founded in March 2005,Mingyuan construction for many years, specializing in three-dimensional building information technology development experience,Professional consulting design,BIM architectural information model (Building Information Modeling) technology applications,For facilities (construction projects), the physical and functional characteristics of digital information are expressed,The cloud information is built by simulating the real information of buildings,For construction projects from construction to demolition throughout the life cycle, all planning and design, engineering construction management, operation and maintenance management at all stages of the provision of the whole process of technical services,In each stage of construction project, the whole process of efficient and scientific decision-making to provide technical solutions to our customers.n-lli.com

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